Data Storage

Exploding Big Data demands a high capacity storage solution designed for maximum scalability, reliability, security, accessibility and performance at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With  years of experience and leadership, Qualstar should be your No. 1 choice in tape library technology.


Qualstar’s Family of Tape Libraries

Qualstar has been creating reliable, cost effective and easy to use automated tape libraries for years. Over twenty tape library models provide combinations of capacity and throughput to match any storage management requirement our libraries house multiple tape drives and span capacities from 60 terabytes to more than 73 petabytes. With low cost, high density Ultrium LTO technology, tape libraries are clearly the most efficient and cost effective storage for backup, data protection and archiving.

Qualstar tape libraries are designed for years of continuous, unattended operation and allow simultaneous reading and writing to multiple drives. They also offer key features such as built in data encryption key management and scalability to keep pace with rapidly expanding data.

Qualstar Innovations Improve Reliability & Performance

  • Closed loop servo control of all motions for absolute position accuracyCompass Arch_Logo
  • Leadscrew-driven mechanisms for highest reliability
  • Compass Architecture
  • Support for industry leading software and operating systems

Qualstar Tape Library Models

Model No. of Drives No. of Slots LTO 6 Native Capacity LTO 6 Compressed Capacity
Q24 Entry-Level
Rackmount Tape Library
1 – 2 24 60TB 150TB
RLS-8350 Expandable
Rackmount Tape Library
1 – 18 50 – 410 125TB – 1.0PB Over 2.5PB
RLS-8500 Expandable
Rackmount Tape Library
1 – 20 54 – 474 135TB – 1.2PB Over 2.9PB
XLS Enterprise Tape Libraries 2 – 128 165 - 11,730 400TB – 29PB Over 73PB

Full Remote Tape & Data Management

All RLS tape libraries contain Q-Link Remote Library Manager, and our XLS series contain our X-Link Remote Library Manager. With its smaller operator console and screen, the newest family member – Q24 – has its own Remote Management Interface (RMI). These web browser based remote library managers enable administrators to configure, upgrade, and monitor any of our libraries via a company intranet or over the Internet from anywhere in the world. Q-Link and X-Link extend the library’s comprehensive front panel menu system and add functionality such as automatic e-mail notification based on rules set by the administrator, and remotely implemented firmware updates.

Eco-friendly Solutions

Storing data in a Qualstar tape library uses much less power than disk, saving money by substantially reducing both electrical and cooling requirements. See the Green vs. Green case study for more information.

Partnerships World-wide

Qualstar tape libraries are sold worldwide through Systems Integrators and Value Added Resellers who share our commitment to quality and deliver complete storage solutions to their customers. Please contact us for additional information on our products or the name of an integrator that can help address your needs.