XLS-89000 Memory Expansion Module | Adds 1,075 Tape Cartridges & 32.25 PB

Used in conjunction with either model of XLS Library Resource Module, the XLS-89000 MEM unit provides the ability to build large XLS library systems. When an LRM unit and a MEM unit are attached side-by-side, the patented Compass Architecture of the LRM’s robotic tape handler enables it to directly access tapes in the carousel storage slots of the MEM unit. Alternating LRM and MEM units may be daisy-chained to achieve a tape capacity of as many as 7,500 cartridges.

Key Highlights

  • Single MEM unit has capacity for up to 1,075 tape cartridges
  • Patented carousel technology enables very high density1.52 PB (uncompressed data) per square foot
  • Field expandable to a maximum of three LRM and four MEM units for increased library capacity
  • Works with either XLS-832700 or XLS-8161100 LRM units

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